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This beautiful piece of reproduced artwork encapsulates the luster of our badge so genuinely that it is worthy of hanging in all parts of your house. This is the oldest known reproduction of the Sigma Chi Badge in the Fraternity. This painting is one of the most treasured possessions of Omicron Chapter.

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The Badge, a White Cross of gold with white and black enamel, is the defining symbol for Sigma Chi. It represents the history, heritage, and presence of Sigma Chi. Initiated members wear the Badge over their hearts with dignity.

Sigma Chi was founded on June 28, 1855. The Omicron Chapter at Dickinson College was founded on December 12, 1859.

In 1861, Miss Laura Geer, a local Carlisle artist, painted a portrait of the Sigma Chi Badge. The Badge reproduced was that of Joseph E. Parker, 1860, and was the first Sigma Chi Badge worn at Dickinson College.

Handsomely framed, and displayed in a prominent shop window of Carlisle, PA, this White Cross was a proud announcement of the presence there, of Sigma Chi. Through the long history of the chapter it has adorned the walls of each successive meeting place, and during moves or other interruptions of the Chapter work, has been carefully kept in the homes of members resident in Carlisle. Older alumni revisiting the chapter behold it again with a spirit akin to veneration.

When the Confederate army under General Lee invaded Pennsylvania in the Summer of 1863, many Southern troops passed through Carlisle, visited the Omicron hall, and paid homage anew to the oil painting of the Badge.

For Omicron, the painting had long served the purpose of a portraiture of the Badge for initiations, as made uniform for all the chapters by the Ritual revision of 1909.

143 years later, Omicron Chapter loaned its prized possession to be placed on display at Evanston, Illinois, in the Sigma Chi International Headquarters museum. They want all Brothers to be able to view this historic relic.

In late 1890, Howard Keyworth, Omicron 1864 made a return visit to his Alma Mater. One of the old shrines he sought first was the Hall of Omicron Chapter. His reflections, as written at the time, are worthy of preservation for future generations of Omicron men, and for all wearers of the White Cross:

“As I sat in the hall, looking and thinking, everything appeared new to me, with one exception. On the wall hangs our Badge painted in oil, the gift in our infancy of a lady of Carlisle. Around it seemed to hover the companions of my youth. Intuitively, I began to call the roll. The answer “Absent” came too often; -- I stopped, and turned my thoughts to brighter scenes. I saw the present. I saw that those of the present were well fitted to fill the places of those of the past. I saw that the enthusiasm, the love, the determination to be first, was still as fixed an ambition as of yore. I saw that those into whose hands the burden had fallen were well qualified to carry it. I saw that the determination, which in the dark hours lifted us from obscurity to prominence, still existed. I saw our star ascending, and believe that it will continue to ascend.”


Copy of the original 1861 badge drawn by Miss Laura Geer. Reproduction of a charcoal sketch Product Size: 18” x 22”
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