One in Heart and Purpose: The Founders and the Founding of the Sigma Chi Fraternity

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The Sigma Chi Fraternity is proud to present One in Heart and Purpose: The Founders and the Founding of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, which celebrates the 154th anniversary of the Fraternity. Compiled by Grand Historian Dr. William Fleming Jr., SAM HOUSTON 1965, and based on the writings of Ninth Grand Consul Dr. Joseph C. Nate, ILLINOIS WESLEYAN 1890, One in Heart and Purpose is the definitive work on the Founders and the founding of The Sigma Chi Fraternity.

Building on the work of Nate from his multi-volume History of the Sigma Chi Fraternity 1855-1925, the book describes the lives of the seven Founders and the events surrounding the founding of Sigma Chi from a variety of perspectives. One in Heart and Purpose includes additional works by: Frank Crozier, MICHIGAN 1894, the editor of The Sigma Chi Quarterly during the 1890s; past Grand Historians Robert Collett, DENISON 1914, and 62nd Grand Consul Douglas Carlson, MINNESOTA 1973; and Samuel F. Hunt, former editor of the ΔΚΕ Quarterly, who gives the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity version of the founding of Sigma Chi.

In tribute to the year of Sigma Chi's founding, 1,855 hard-bound copies of One in Heart and Purpose have been printed. In addition, the Fraternity has commissioned the publication of 154 leather-bound copies of the book, in commemoration of Sigma Chi's 154th anniversary.

This first offering of One in Heart and Purpose is a numbered edition and will be accompanied by a bookplate showing the production number. All proceeds will benefit the Sigma Chi Historical Initiative, the task force charged with preserving the priceless documents and artifacts that give us a physical connection to the Sigma Chi Fraternity's past.

With this book, Sigma Chi has presented you with a chance to not only support the Fraternity, but to own a lasting piece of its heritage. Whether it is a gift for yourself or a loved one, One in Heart and Purpose is the perfect complement to any Sigma Chi in whose heart the Fraternity holds a special place.
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